Best Bioidentical Hormones for You

The best bioidentical hormones for you may or may not be the best bioidentical hormones for someone else, even someone with similar symptoms as you. If you choose your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctor carefully you can have the best chance of getting the best bioidentical hormones for you, given that this person will have the knowledge and experience to make the best possible match. With Best bioidentical hormonessynthetic hormones there are many fewer choices, but with bioidenticals there are many, and when you consider custom compounding the choices get even greater. In this post we will go over the ways to pursue the best bioidentical hormones for you.

Best Bioidentical Hormones and Your Assessment

The first step to ensuring that you get the best bioidentical hormones is to have a thorough hormone assessment, ideally involving samples taken from your blood and at a time when there is no artificial and temporary elevation or deflation of your hormones. An accurate assessment is the first step to deciding what ingredients would help. While ideally your practitioner will have some baseline hormone levels (i.e. your “before” samples), this is often not possible and instead she or he has to compare your results with a general baseline. Even then it should be obvious what you might benefit from.

Your practitioner should walk you through the connections between your hormone assessment and the ingredients and formulas that might help. She or he might even be able to tell you what would be expected and after how long as far as your next assessments. If there are aspects of your hormone assessment that are unclear or do not seem to fit nicely, you may either need the assessment repeated. Only with an accurate assessment can you be ensured that you will get the best bioidentical hormones for your current symptoms and for prevention of new ones. If you are trying an over the counter approach to start, you may still want to have hormone testing first.

Other information we’ve covered may be helpful to you at this point, such as:

Best Bioidentical Hormones and Custom Compounding

Is it necessary to pursue custom compounding to ensure that you are getting the best bioidentical hormones for you? It seems to make logical sense that if a very unique formula can be made that is based on your specific needs that will be the best bioidentical hormones mixture for you. And in some cases that is certainly the case. Yet it may be that using a more standard formula is a good approach and can also be the best bioidentical hormones formula given that your practitioner will have the benefit of having lots of experience with that formula and there may be information gathered by others as well. The bottom line is that just because a formula is custom compounded that does not necessarily make it better than a more standard BHRT approach.

When are the best bioidentical hormones custom compounded?

So when should you pursue custom compounding in order to get the best bioidentical hormones for you? There are three scenarios for which it may make sense:

  • When your hormonal issue is quite unique and uncommon you may not fit neatly with any existing standard formula
  • When you have multiple hormonal issues in combination that need to be addressed
  • When you are sensitive to medication in general, even something as natural as BHRT

There may be other times when you would want to pursue custom compounding as well, and it may be that a very experienced practitioner who works with a top quality custom compounding company can often give you a unique formula that is as good as or better than a standard formula. However, given the added cost and the lack of specific research behind these uniquely made formulas you should at least consider whether it is necessarily the choice for you. A more standard approach may lead to the best bioidentical hormones as well.

Best Bioidentical Hormones Formulas

Of course the bottom line to getting the best bioidentical hormones s to research the company that will be mixing your formulas. Ask your doctor which company they use for the BHRT formulas, or which ones will be involved in your unique treatment course. Ask questions about why she or he chose this company, what he or she likes about them, and for any information the doctor knows about their quality standards. Then do your own homework as well, both about the company and the unique formula you will be on. The best bioidentical hormones will be made from natural ingredients and produced in a way that preserves their ability to create the change you are looking for. So look for information about both the quality of the ingredients that are used and also the processes by which the BHRT formulas are produced.

Best bioidentical formulas DIY?

If you are trying a DIY approach at first, perhaps buying something over the counter, your process will be quite similar. In this case you may also be able to look for product reviews at unbiased sites (those that seem to publish all reviews whether positive or not), and you may be able to find forums where people share information about what they thought. There is a lot of competition to be the best bioidentical hormones formula in the over the counter market, and you should be careful about what you choose.

In the end, the best bioidentical hormones for you may include several different choices, and if you are getting your BHRT through a doctor you may be able to just trust that a well-respected and experienced doctor knows how to choose a high quality formula. With over the counter products it may be easier to find reviews, but for the doctor approach it may be a little harder to do your homework. Keep a journal and know exactly what you are taking including the ingredients, the company behind it, and how the formula was made. If you want you can then share your experience whether here or on a forum site so that the wealth of online knowledge and feedback increases.

Best of luck with BHRT, and with finding the best bioidentical hormones for you!

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