What is the latest regarding BHRT doctors?  Is there more information that we provided on our comprehensive bioidentical hormone doctors page?  What should you be looking for to make sure that you choose the best BHRT doctor for you?  The short answer is that not much has changed, and the basics are still the most important factors: Experience, training, the ability to dedicate adequate time, and the quality of the ingredients s/he chooses are the main factors.  This is unlikely to change and therefore the list of the best BHRT doctors in your area is also likely the same as it has been.  But there are some ways to be sure your list of the best BHRT doctors stays up-to-date, and that is what we will go over in this post.

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Choosing Among BHRT Doctors

The following three factors should help you choose among potential BHRT doctors in your area.

BHRT Doctors and Training

Doctors have to have a certain amount of continuing education credits to maintain their licenses.  This is true regardless of their specialty area.  As a patient you want to know that your doctor has stayed up on the most recent information about approaches, risks, side effects, etc.  They have a choice as far as which topics to pursue, and an interesting question to ask is what trainings your prospective practitioner has taken most recently.  You may be able to discern how motivated s/he is as far as this particular specialty by knowing what educational choice s/he has made.

You should also be glancing into the past as far as your BHRT doctor and her or his training.  How did he or she become interested in BHRT and what path did she or he take as far as developing this specialty?  Unlike some forms of medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy does not have one singular path, and the amount of training that different Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy physicians report can vary considerably.  Look for any sub-specialties the MD studied, or any continuing education she or he pursued after initial training.  Notice whether she or he seems to have compared notes with other physicians about approaches, and whether she or he seems to have read recent studies or publications.

BHRT Doctors and availability

There is a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to BHRT doctors and availability.  On the one hand, on once you’ve decided to pursue bioidentical hormone replacement therapy you want to get started.  The last thing you’ll want to do is wait for your chosen doctor to have an appointment or to be able to begin prescribing you a treatment course.  Yet doctors who are immediately available and have tons of time to see you may be that free for a reason – they have fewer people calling them and asking for service.  It is best to strike a balance – a BHRT doctor who makes you wait a little may be the best choice.  She or he is busy enough that you can’t get an appointment right away, but at the same time has left room to add new patients.

To put the above another way, a good BHRT doctor does not take on more patients that she or he can give adequate attention along the way, such as being able to return calls and make extra appointments as people need.  At the same time, BHRT doctors do not want to have huge holes in their schedule either.  Look for a doctor who has struck a good balance which suggests that they are busy enough to suggest they have a good reputation, yet they don’t overload their schedule so much that they cannot meet the needs of their patients.

BHRT Doctors and specialties

In many cases BHRT doctors will see almost anyone who is looking for natural hormone replacement.  This is, or course, a good thing since it may be that you need a combination approach of some sort, or maybe you’ll need to return again in the future for a different course.  You would not want to have to look for new BHRT doctors every time you need a new approach.  On the other hand, if you have a specific need, and especially if you have other medical issues or are in some other way complicated to treat you may want a specialist.  The kinds of specialists you might find include those who see mostly men, those who specialize in younger patients, and those who focus on custom compounding.

In order to fully assess the potential Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy physician and your unique needs you should again start with a full hormone assessment.  perhaps you could have your regular primary care physician handle that and then take those results to the BHRT doctors you are considering.  At that point you will more fully know what specialties you are looking for, and you should also be considering other factors like any unique medical issues you have, your gender and age, and your family history – the MD you choose needs to know any specific BHRT side effects you might experience.

BHRT Doctors Summary

BHRT doctors are available in many places and there are likely a wide variety of choices where you live.  The above is meant to give you information that can help you find a bioidentical hormone doctor near you that is a good fit for what you are looking for.  Of course you should also look into their reputation – both trying to find word-of-mouth and also looking for online sources of unbiased reviews.  In addition, there are factors that are much harder to measure, including the fit between the MD and you from a personality perspective.

We do not specifically review Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy physicians both because we want to remain a trusted unbiased source of information, and also because there are so many good ones it would be hard to compare and contrast.  We do welcome comments that may mention a certain BHRT doctor or group of BHRT doctors, but only if we can be reasonably sure that the source is truly a patient.

Best of luck as you look for BHRT doctors who fit your needs.

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