Bioidentical Hormones Cost

What is the Cost of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

How to figure the cost of your natural hormone therapy

Introduction to bioidentical hormones cost

The cost of bioidentical hormones replacement therapy is dependent on many factors.  BHRT is an approach that is variable, quite dependent on your needs and what ingredients and type of approach will help.  Thus it is hard to pin down a specific number that would estimate your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost.  Our bottom line suggestion is that you make sure you get a quote from a practitioner who has been doing this long enough that you can trust the accuracy.  Look for detail in what you are given, and ask what factors related to your treatment plan could lead to a higher bioidentical hormones cost.  And of course ask about timing – the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost you are given may not be helpful until you get specific information about over what period it covers.

The bottom line is that it is very hard for us to give you an accurate picture of what your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost will be, since this is not as specific a procedure as something like a dental treatment of some sort where the doctor can often be quite accurate.  Therefore, this page will help you estimate things and more importantly ask the right questions so that you have a reasonably good idea going in.

Treatment factors that affect bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost

Let’s start with the factors that will affect the bioidentical hormones cost you will be facing.  There are four primary factors, as follows:

1. Volume factors involve how much of the various ingredients you will need.  This one is quite obvious – if you will need high doses and frequently repeated treatments your cost will go up as it relates to paying for your formulas.  In some cases you may be helped by a low-cost of the ingredients themselves (see next paragraph).  Volume is not always directly related to cost as well – some ingredients may be powerful but not that expensive to make.  But in general, if you need more, and especially if you need more treatments rather than just a higher dose, your cost will go up.

2. The cost of bioidentical hormones also involves the actual ingredients themselves.  As we hinted at above, you may need an ingredient that is relatively cheap even in large quantities, or you may need one that is expensive even in small quantities.  You cost of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy therefore is dependent on what ingredients your practitioner needs to use – but here is where we offer a caveat: In some cases you m,ay be able to ask whether a different and presumably cheaper ingredient can be used instead.

3. Finally, your bioidentical hormones replacement therapy cost will also depend on how many ingredients you need.  Of course a simple formula that includes only a few natural hormone ingredients will be far cheaper than one that uses many different natural ingredients.  In general your BHRT practitioner will probably start with fewer ingredients anyway so she or he known what is actually working, but as more are added you bioidentical hormones cost will rise.

Insurance and other external bioidentical hormones cost factors

The above exploration of treatment factors related to bioidentical hormones replacement therapy cost assumes that insurance will not cover this treatment.  That is true in many cases but not all.  So if you have insurance that might cover BHRT you need to carefully explore this before committing to your course of treatment since knowing ab it about your plan might help you keep your cost of bioidentical hormones down.


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