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Is Bioidentical Hormone Treatment For You?

Bioidentical hormone treatment has been proven to work quite effectively to diminish symptoms of certain issues related to hormone imbalances and reductions.  While controversy persists, it is mostly due to the fact that some bioidentical hormone treatment practitioners tried to do too much too soon in the early days, or that some still make grandiose and false claims.  However, used by an experienced and diligent practitioner, this natural hormone replacement choice can be quite effective.

But is bioidentical hormone treatment for everyone?  The answer is no.  For some there are other approaches that would work quite well, and for others the symptoms may seem like they are related to hormones when they are not.  And then of course there is the question of which approach to try: prescription supplements and injections, food and diet, and over-the-counter supplements.  All in all, choosing whether or not to pursue Bioidentical hormone treatment in the first place may be harder that actually choosing your unique ingredients that will make up your BHRT.

Bioidentical hormone treatment topics

This section is designed to help you if you are wondering in general if Bioidentical hormone treatment is for you.  Here we offer the following pages:

The benefits of bioidenticals goes over exactly what you can expect from this natural hormone replacement choice listed in an easy to read “top ten” type format.  You may be pleasantly surprised about some benefits you hadn’t thought of.  This page may even spark you to realize that there are benefits you may not have heard of, or that may help a friend or family member.

The risks and side effects page goes over what could go wrong or how BHRT could lead to side effects.  Of course this page cannot predict anything as far as your potential use, but it does fairly and comprehensively point out what could go wrong.  You should also make sure your doctor tells you what your own unique reactions might be.

Are bioidentical hormones safe provides a general exploration of this common question.  Given that we are not an affiliate site and do not promote any one practitioner, approach, or company, we can provide a well-rounded exploration of the question.

We also have a page dedicated to Bioidentical hormone treatment using creams and the specific risks and side effects of this approach.  BHRT practitioners are increasingly using creams and this page goes into the unique concerns you might have.

On each page there is a comments section which we hope you’ll use to either ask a question, provide information from your own experience with Bioidentical hormone treatment, or request a new topic that we might cover.

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment Overview

Bioidentical hormone treatment is a natural approach to hormone replacement that allows people to rebalance hormones that have been affected by age or genetics.  There is no one particular symptom that bioidentical hormone treatment is designed to address, though a large percentage of BHRT patients are looking for relief from any number of hormonal issues that occur with age.

Types of Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

There are really two kinds of bioidentical hormone treatment:

Over the counter bioidentical hormone treatment

The first is the over-the-counter approach where people get mild doses of hormones from products that they can buy without a prescription.  This approach can be helpful if your symptoms are mild, if you have a simple imbalance of just one hormone, or there is something transient about your symptoms.  Many people have found relief through over-the-counter approaches but in some ways this is more challenging due to the sheer number of products out there, the many claims that they make, and the fact that these products may not be as potent as those available by prescription.  While we have no concern with people trying a reputable over-the-counter product, we would suggest that you keep your hopes modest if your symptoms are more than mild.

Prescription bioidentical hormone treatment

The other method the full practitioner aided approach.  In this case you may receive a prescription for certain bioidenticals, and you may also get tips are far as diet and lifestyle.  The prescriptions may be more powerful than what you can get over-the-counter, and there is likely more standardized research behind them (though some would argue there is still not enough).  The doctor will closely follow your response to these prescriptions and will chart a course that may change due to your responses.  If your symptoms are more than mild, do not respond to OTC approaches, or you have a complicated mix of symptoms you may want to use the physician guided approach.  We hope that even those who are choosing the over the counter path have some sort of hormonal assessment or at the very least have a doctor review their symptoms first.

Compounded vs standard formulas

It should also be noted that there are two types of prescription approaches as well: custom compounded and standard formulas.  The former involves a compounding pharmacy creating a bioidentical hormone treatment that is uniquely formulated for your symptoms and other aspects of your makeup.  In many cases custom compounding can be quite powerful and effective, though controversy persists because this approach drops the standardization that can prevent or at least predict negative reactions.

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment Controversy

Bioidentical hormone treatment has been the subject of quite a bit of controversy for two reasons: First, some medical practitioners do not think that this approach is an effective as a prescription approach using synthetic hormones; and second, there have been problems with side effects with some bioidentical hormone formulas, especially those that were custom-compounded.  We are not here to say who is right or who is wrong, but rather to present a well-rounded exploration of their benefits, risks, and potential side effects.  Keep in mind that any medical approach, even when available over the counter, you can experience side effects and problems if you have not done your homework, or even if you have but have a sensitivity you were not aware of.

While other parts of our website provide more background information, this section is specifically designed to go over the benefits and risks in a way that may help you make your own pro and con list as you decide whether to pursue bioidentical hormone treatment.  We suggest you also get your information from other sources, perhaps even seeking out websites that take one position or the other about the risks.  We have tried to provide some links on these pages.

Bioidentical hormone treatment summary

Thanks for visiting and we hope this section can play a part in helping you decide whether Bioidentical hormone treatment is a good choice for you.  Our next section goes over the specific choices as far as Bioidentical hormone treatment – what different hormones you might decide are right for you if you do choose this route.  And after that you will find our blog that covers all the very latest news and information about BHRT, organized in easy to search categories.

We hope that this section provides the information you need to know whether to even turn to those sections.  Bioidentical practitioners are obviously and understandably biased toward BHRT, while many general practitioners (such as your primary care doctor) are biased against them due to those initial problems.  We wanted to give you information and advice that is truly unbiased and walks a middle line.

This section has and will likely continue to generate specific questions about whether your own unique symptoms would respond to a course of bioidentical hormones.  we are sorry to say, and hope you understand, that we cannot provide information and advice that is specific to your situation and condition, no matter how general your symptoms sound.

It is important to know the cautions and concerns regarding bioidentical hormone treatment, and the FDA released a web page dedicated to their concerns about BHRT.   Remember to also see our sections on BHRT side effects and dangers of bioidentical hormones.

Thanks once again for visiting with us for your information and advice about Bioidentical hormone treatment!

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