Bioidentical Testosterone for men

Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement

Bioidentical testosterone can provide relief to many men experiencing low T.  Testosterone is actually an important hormone for both men and women, and natural testosterone replacement is one of the more frequent natural hormones requested beyond estrogen.  Part of the hormone group called the androgens, this hormone plays many roles including intimate drive and function, preserving muscle mass, and maintain bone density.  This hormone is produced in the area that it helps the most – in men by the testes, and in women by the ovaries.  Many people underestimate the amount that low t can affect women, and while it is less common for women to have this condition, when they do bioidentical testosterone can be very beneficial.  Of course like the other hormones we cover it may be hard to know if this is the one that is declining or otherwise deficient, so we cannot accurately give information that will definitely diagnose your unique issue.  Our goal, on the other hand, is to give you enough information about natural testosterone replacement therapy to decide whether to approach your doctor or a BHRT practitioner about an assessment.  Speaking of which…

Bioidentical Testosterone Assessment:

How would you know if you could use bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy for low t?  General symptoms include low intimate drive, depression, fatigue, and irritability – all of which come with age but otherwise no clear reason or cause.  More specific symptoms which could be linked to low testosterone and therefore a need for testosterone include trouble building or maintaining muscle mass despite physical activity that should help, weight gain with no change in diet or activity, and mood swings with no obvious cause.  These are the symptoms that can bring you in to the doctor for potential natural testosterone replacement therapy, and then your doctor can do tests to check you levels.

One of the difficulties a doctor may run into when assessing your levels and determining whether you could use bioidentical testosterone is that there is likely no “pre test” that would show your baseline levels of this important hormone.  In other words, given that there is variability among men in how much testosterone they have, your level at one point in time, especially if it is not dramatically low, may not tell the whole story as far as whether you need natural testosterone replacement.  That said, the combination of symptoms, family history, and your levels may paint enough of a picture to help your practitioner determine whether natural testosterone replacement might help.

Natural Testosterone Replacement:

Treatment with bioidentical testosterone is not complicated.  If your provider determines that this natural testosterone replacement will likely help you, s/he will prescribe a regimen to fit your needs.  Throughout the course of your treatment with bioidentical testosterone, changes will be made to both the dose and the ingredients, but not until a few weeks is given to see what your initial reaction is.  You may even have choices – as well as changes along the way – as far as the method of administration.  Keep in close contact with your practitioner and also ask other people in your life how you are doing since often others are the first to notice that you are doing better, especially with regard to things like irritability and depression.

During your treatment with bioidentical testosterone, improvements may come in stages and may happen gradually.  The hormones do not suddenly snap into balance and instead take some time.  Therefore you may notice that some symptoms persist even as some go away fairly quickly, and some others go away more suddenly when certain thresholds are met.  Once again, keep in close contact with your doctor and you may want to keep a symptom journal.

You will have two major choices when it comes to this type of low T treatment, whether to try bioidentical testosterone pellets or bioidentical testosterone cream.

Effects of Bioidentical Testosterone:

If natural testosterone replacement works, the above symptoms should be lessened or even disappear.  You should feel a return to how you felt a few years back as far as vitality and health, and it should be quite obvious that things have changed. The results of bioidentical testosterone administration may be uneven at first, but should soon even out and become steady.  For some a course of treatment provides a fix and can then be discontinued, but for most intermittent treatment and monitoring is necessary.  Some may even choose when to have their treatments such as seasonally in order to have the maximum effects at certain times of year.

Natural Testosterone Replacement
Testosterone Molecule

A good natural testosterone replacement doctor will be able to do level testing as time goes on.  And bioidentical testosterone may not be the only thing they prescribe, since once your testosterone levels are back to where they should be, you may be asked to do some stress management, along with vitamin supplementation and fitness programs as adjunctive therapies.  Low T treatment can fix your level of testosterone, but these other activities can help accelerate the process of getting you back to where you should be.  In addition, bioidentical testosterone may not be the only natural hormone a person is given since other hormones may be low – the beauty of BHRT is that a combination approach can be tried seamlessly, though some would say a small drawback to this is that you may not know which natural hormone actually did the trick.

The specific symptoms that can be addressed with natural testosterone replacement include:

  • Low energy in general
  • Low libido and less intimate drive
  • Depression or moodiness
  • Decreased strength or a feeling of weakness in general

The effects of this treatment should be obvious and positive, so ongoing communication with your natural testosterone replacement doctor is key.  There should eventually be no doubt that it is actually working well for you.

Effects of Natural Testosterone Replacement

So how should you feel if you are getting the right amount of bioidentical testosterone and your levels have been boosted and restored.  This is an important question, given that even if a saliva or blood hormone testing suggests that you have enough of this hormone, you should make sure that this is truly the case.  The best way to accomplish this is to keep track of how you feel, and also to have someone else also note any changes in your mood and behavior.  Sometimes when changes are relatively gradual they may be so subtle that we do not see them, but those around us can often be a good measure in these circumstances.

The effects you should see from the use of bioidentical testosterone to boost you levels include:

  • Improved bone density: This is, of course, not an improvement you can easily measure so this one would either have to be assessed by a physician or you may in this case be able to judge this by the level that is measured in your hormone assessment
  • Easier to build lean muscle mass: You may find that your workouts more easily lead to the development of lean muscle mass than they had before you started natural testosterone replacement and you may find that you get some improvement even without working out.
  • Losing weight: Your diet may be more effective if natural testosterone corrects any metabolic problems
  • Increased libido: You may find that your overall libido improves after natural testosterone therapy
  • Concentration and memory: These cognitive factors may have been affected when you had low T, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may therefore improve them.

You may find that you have other improvements from natural testosterone therapy and that your overall mood improves.  And agin, you want to keep track of symptoms as well as levels to be sure that BHRT is working for you.

Side Effects of Bioidentical Testosterone:

In some cases people develop side effects of bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy because they did not need it in the first place, or the dose they are receiving is too much.  In other cases the side effects of testosterone they feel are due to a sensitivity to the hormone or one or more of the ingredients in the BHRT formula.  One way or another you should be aware of the potential side effects of natural hormones going in, and talk with your doctor if you experience any to see if they are severe enough to discontinue.

The more severe side of effects of bioidentical testosterone include blurred vision, speech problems, sight issues, and muscle weakness.  If you experience any of these side effects, call your doctor immediately or go to an urgent care center.  And if any of the below are severe. get worse over time, or are not bearable, call your doctor as well.  Less severe side effects of natural testosterone replacement include:

  • Irritated gums and other mouth problems
  • acne and related blemishes on the skin
  • chest enlargement sometimes accompanied by pain
  • diarrhea and other GI problems
  • depression or euphoria
  • headache and sometimes other aches
  • loss of appetite or change in appetite
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • nervousness and anxiety
  • mood swings and changes
  • shortness of breath with or without a racing heartbeat
  • stomach cramps pain, or sometimes fullness
  • trouble concentrating or sleeping
  • tiredness or weakness that is unusual

Some side effects of bioidentical testosterone may go away during treatment as your body gets accustomed to both the medicine and the increase in the deficient hormone. And some side effects of natural testosterone replacement that are relatively mild may be treatable if they do not warrant stopping the treatment altogether.  One way or another you need to keep your BHRT provider informed if you experience any of the above.

The side effects you encounter will naturally differ depending on whether you choose bioidentical testosterone pellets or bioidentical testosterone cream

Natural Testosterone Replacement Summary:

Bioidentical testosterone is not for every man, and a thorough assessment and careful consideration is needed before you consider this approach.  That said, bioidentical testosterone can be very helpful with a variety of symptoms that may occur as men age and for other reasons as well, and can really lead to significant relief.  There are many formulas that contain natural hormones, and many different methods of administration, so you want to choose a practitioner who really knows what she or he is doing with a wide variety of BHRT techniques and approaches.  And of course during treatment it is absolutely vital to stay in close contact with your practitioner about any side effects, positive effects, and all other pertinent information so that changes can be made, even if minor tweaks.  Bioidentical testosterone treatment is gaining steam as more and more men are becoming aware of the problems related to low T, and this natural approach may gain even more followers as time goes on.  Wikipedia covers this hormone and Testosterone Treatment in detail.

Bioidentical Testosterone Disclaimer

You can buy over the counter low T medication but you should still have a professional assessment first to rule out other causes of your symptoms.  As with all of the information contained on this website, we cannot diagnose or suggest treatment for your unique condition, and even if your symptoms closely match what is described here or on other pages you need to be sure to pursue independent evaluation and assessment.  We hope to give ideas and perhaps set people on a path to exploration of natural testosterone replacement, but getting information from a variety of sources is absolutely vital when considering bioidentical testosterone.

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