Over the Counter BHRT Approaches

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Supplements that Reduce Hormonal Symptoms

There are some over-the-counter supplements that people can take that may have the same effect as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for some people.  These supplements are usually most effective for hormonal changes that are milder, nor progressive, and involve a mix of hormones rather than just one.  For example, if a woman is losing estrogen as she ages, which is obviously progressive and just one hormone, the over the counter approach to hormone replacement is unlikely to work.  However, if she is feeling increasingly depressed due a more specific and time-limited change in hormonal balances, there may be a supplement for that.

With the caution we use constantly at this site, that people who experience sudden or unexplained medical symptoms should get checked out medically first, we do want to offer some over-the-counter alternatives for people experiencing problems that may be due to hormone changes.  We will present certain vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that have been known to reduce these symptoms in otherwise healthy adults.  These examples can be found in the drop-down menu under this page.

A common and quite obvious question is whether these over-the-counter solutions can or even should be used adjunctively to real bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  The answer to this question is complicated.  These supplements may help speed the process of BHRT working, but on the other hand any time you do two different things to address medical symptoms you take the risk of not knowing which one is actually working.  Thus our bottom line recommendation is that depending on the severity of your symptoms you try either regular bioidentical hormone replacement first, or and approach with supplements first, and only add the other approach after you get familiar with the effects of the first treatment.

Our exploration of over-the-counter approaches to addressing hormonal symptoms will be updated all the time as we find new approaches.

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  1. I feel like I’m 90 everything hurts, I’m depresed, can’t sleep well, have the sweats, name it I have it. But I would like to get tested by a Dr. that would prescribe the bioidentical homones but all the ones I’ve contacted are very expensive and I don’t have insurance. can you sugest of any Dr. that is less expensive. I live in Miami, Florida. I would really appreciated if you could help me I’m desperate.
    Thank you, my name is Iris 786-314-2559

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