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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: About Us

About Us

We are a fully independent website designed to provide information and advice about bioidentical hormone replacement treatment (BHRT).  We are not directly affiliated with any provider of natural hormone replacement or any related treatment, and therefore can bring you independent advice.  We do not accept solicitations in the form of advertisements directly from any provider, nor do we publish guest content that promotes any provider.  In summary, we aim to ensure that you are getting fully independent information here, and appreciate your understanding if you are a practitioner who is turned down for a guest post.

We rolled out this site in 2012 after we became interested and excited about the potential of bioidentical hormone replacement, for reasons including the natural ingredients, the custom compounding, and the success it has had in many parts of the world.  We know that this form of hormone replacement treatment is not without its detractors, and we aim to cover the reasons why people are concerned or skeptical as well.  Since we are fully independent we have nothing to gain or lose from our visitors’ decisions about whether to pursue BHRT.

There are some significant safety concerns that have been raised about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, especially custom compounding.  In general it seems to us that these safety concerns may have more to do with the unevenness of the quality of practitioners and ingredients used than with the overall field.  This is common with novel and innovate treatments at first, especially those – and this is a drawback to bioidenticals – that are not more heavily regulated.  It is therefore absolutely vital that aside from doing research about this form of treatment at websites like this, you need to be very sure that the providers you choose are experienced and expert, and that the ingredients they use are top of the line.

If you are considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), please pay attention to the following disclaimer and also be sure that you have thoroughly done more research than any one website can provide.  The information contained here is meant to inform and educate anyone who is considering this type of natural therapy, but there is plenty of other information out there.  With any new and exciting treatment there is a wide range of opinions and advice available, and the more eductaed you are the more likely you will be to pick your way intelligently through it all.

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Our site provides independent information about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  We ain to have the latest information both about this natural hormone replacement treatment and the risks involved.  That said, it is absolutely vital that you talk to your own primary care doctor before going to a bioidentical doctor or clinic, or undergoing any hormone replacement therapy.  BHRT has risks like any other medical treatments, and your medical history, sensitivity to certain foods and chemicals, and current conditions and medications must all be factored in.  Also, there is a very wide range in the experience and expertise of practitioners of this type of therapy, so even if you are fully aware of the risks you still need to ensure that you choose the best possible BHRT practitioner.  As with any new and exciting medical advance, the field is uneven right now.

We also cannot give information about whether BHRT will help your specific problem.  Despite our information about what symptoms natural hormones can hep with, we cannot diagnose any problem nor can we prescribe that this type of natural treatment will be the fix.  It is imperative that if you are experiencing symptoms of any kind you check with your regular doctor.

Legal and Copyright

All information contained here about BHRT and related topics is protected by copyright.  The information her is original and independent, and can only be reproduced with permission.  We take pride in the fact that we are not a practitioner of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or a distributor, so we can keep this information fully unbiased and independent.   At times we allow information to be published on other similar websites that cover BHRT, but only with prior permission and only with proper attribution.  Otherwise we reserve all rights to the material contained here.  Any material in the form of comments submitted and accepted remain the property of the submitter and we will not share them without your permission.  You retain the copyrights to any material you submit and we publish.

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