Wondering how to get Bioidentical Hormones?  Treatment with bioidenticals is simple and usually involves five phases, including:

1. Laboratory tests of existing hormone levels can tell what is too low or missing.  The resulting “hormone panel” guides the BHRT practitioner as far as what hormones need to be boosted or replaced.  This first step is crucial in the process of knowing whether bioidentical hormone replacement in even necessary.

2. Bioidentical hormones are prescribed and given, whether by pill, cream, or trandermal patches.  Exact doses of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and/or DHEA are given, after they are prepared at a BHRT compounding laboratory or pharmacy.

3. A new hormone panel is drawn after a short period to see whether the bioidenticals at the dosage provided did the trick.  If so, they move to step 4, and if not they develop a new BHRT formula and try that.

4. Then every 3-4 months a new hormone panel is drawn, and a new bioidentical formula, if necessary is given.  This is repeated until it appears that the correct and natural balance and amounts of hormones are present.

5. Eventually the hormone panels need only come yearly, unless symptoms return that suggest something is off.

That is basically how to get Bioidentical Hormones in a nutshell.  But in this post we will also cover how to get Bioidentical Hormones into your system, and how to get bioidentical hormones as gifts!

How to Get Bioidentical hormones as Gifts

Could bioidentical hormone replacement therapy be the perfect gift for the holidays?  That is quite a possible answert to the question how to get bioidentical hormones, and we want to introduce this possibility here.  Bioidentical hormones have been beneficial for many people for a variety of reasons, and as they have gained FDA approval they have also gained more acceptance.  There is an increase in bioidentical doctors with the experience you can trust, and more compounding pharmacies that have been doing this work for a long time.  So if you have a friend of relative who may be suffering with a hormone deficiency, why not consider BHRT as a potential holiday present?   Perhaps they have already tried synthetics and did not find success, or maybe they have recently had hormone testing and told you the results.  One way or another it could be a thoughtful gift as they are considering how to get Bioidentical Hormones.

Now of course there could be certain drawback to giving bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as a gift during the holidays.  The first, of course, is the fact that this is a hugely practical holiday gift and certainly not romantic or cute.  You’d really have to know that the person who would receive the gift of bioidentical hormones would appreciate it.  Maybe they told you that their insurance would not cover their BHRT, or that there would be a high deductible or co-insurance.  Maybe they said that they did not want to pay, or that the reason they are looking into BHRT was one that would not be covered.  One way or another, if you knew that this was an expense that they could not afford, that they do not mind practical gifts, and that it would bring them relief from symptoms, you might choose this course if they are looking into how to get Bioidentical Hormones.

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So how would you go about giving bioidentical hormones as a gift?  That depends on what you know about the person’s plans.  So, for example:

  • If they’ve already identified a bioidentical hormones doctor, you could pre-pay some amount, such as the deductible or co-insurance.  This way they can get BHRT without worrying about the out-of-pocket cost.  Between your gift and what insurance will pay for they will be all set.
  • You could more generally give a credit card gift card and say what you were thinking they could use it for.  Some gift cards are even customizable as far as what they look like.  This way if your gift falls flat and they’d rather have the money for something else they would have that flexibility.
  • You could pay for some specific aspect of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, such as the initial hormone testing.  This might be a good choice if insurance will not pay at all for BHRT or will not pay for some aspect.
  • Finally, you could pay for something peripheral to their bioidentical hormones, such as a nice meal for when they are feeling better, or new clothing for when they feel more like going out.  This way you are supporting them without actually paying for the treatment.

Helping someone who is looking at how to get Bioidentical Hormones the gift of BHRT is tricky, and may come across anywhere from thoughtful to intrusive.  You really need to know the person well, and know what kinds of presents they want before making this choice.  That said, for some people this may be a way to help them either afford BHRT or know that people they are close to support their treatment.  Some people do prefer more practical gifts, and this is one way to give something that will make them feel better.  Perhaps if you do not go so far as to buy the gift of natural hormone replacement you might at least be sure that during the holiday season when you spend time together you show your support and hear how your friend or relative is doing if they are pursuing this type of treatment or are considering how to get Bioidentical Hormones.

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How to Get Bioidentical Hormones into Your System

Perhaps the more accurate question a person is asking is not “how to get Bioidentical Hormones” but rather “how to get Bioidentical Hormones into my system”.  If there was on “right” way for a doctor to administer bioidentical hormones, they’d all do it the same way.  Instead of some BHRT practitioners giving shots, while others give pills, and still others give either trans dermal or sub lingual preparations, there would be one way to do it.  So why has a specific means of how to get Bioidentical Hormones not been devised?  Basically there are three reasons:

1. The person being treated may react better to one way or another of how to get Bioidentical Hormones.  One person may, for whatever reason, metabolize the ingredients better through their skin, while another does better with a pill form.  There can be many reasons for this, and no two people are alike when it comes to assessing this facet.

2. Some bioidentical hormones lend themselves to certain means of administration, and practitioners may differ enough that that leads to different practices.  In other words, one BHRT doctor may have a specific form of an ingredient that does better sublingually, while another prefers a slightly different form of the same ingredient that must be injected.

3. Combinations of bioidentical hormones may lend themselves to different administrations.  A particular ingredient may do well with a skin patch, but since the next ingredient which must be taken with it must be ingested, the practitioner must make a formula that can be ingested and is made up of both ingredients.

There are other reasons as well, having to do with practitioner preference, cost, and availability.  But we do not foresee a time when bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is carried out with one universal means of administration.  There is too much uniqueness among ingredients, combinations, and practitioners to get to that point.  All of that said, you should make sure your BHRT practitioner is skilled in all methods so that she or he is choosing on the basis of what is best for you as far as how to get Bioidentical Hormones into your system.

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