Bioidentical estrogen cream is frequently chosen by BHRT doctors and patients for a variety of reasons.  Unlike pills that have to be metabolized in the liver and in doing so can lose a significant amount of potency, bioidentical estrogen cream is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  Of course some people also find the application of a cream more comfortable than taking a pill.  And given how people turn to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy because it does not feel the same as taking medicine, using a cream seems to fit well.  This post goes over the choice of bioidentical estrogen cream and the factors that might make you choose this approach.

Bioidentical estrogen cream usually comes in the form called “Estriol” which is one of the three basic estrogens produced by your body.  This particular chemical is often chosen because it does not seem to have the same potential for longer term side effects and it may be milder on your body.  There are many natural ingredients that can be used to make bioidentical estrogen cream, including soy, legumes, lentils, and chickpeas.  Again, as we often see with BHRT the formula can be made with ingredients you’ve actually heard of!

Bioidentical Estrogen Cream Instructions

You doctor can guide you as far as areas she or he would like you to apply your bioidentical estrogen cream.  It may be best to choose an area where the skin is naturally thin such as the inner arms and upper chest.  It can be most effective to rotate the area where you apply it.  You need to rub it in gently until it is all absorbed, and make sure you have not already applied any other cream or even perfume on that same area.  Your doctor should guide you about how often to use it, and what to do if you miss a dose.  Even if you buy an over the counter product your doctor should know you are taking it and may weigh in on dose and frequency.

Adding certain foods called phytoestrogens may help boost the effect of bioidentical estrogen cream.  Examples include oats, barley, alfalfa, and whole grain rice.  Snacks such as flax-seed and certain nuts may help as well.  With all of this you should be getting the advice of a BHRT doctor and perhaps a nutritionist.

Choosing the best Bioidentical Estrogen Cream

When choosing a bioidentical estrogen cream product the first thing you will look at, of course, is the ingredients involved. Research what this particular manufacturer uses and make sure that your BHRT doctor can tell you why it will work so well, and exactly what it does. If you are buying your product over-the-counter, be sure to research each ingredient linked to estrogen replacement. Wild Yam is a popular ingredient, for example, and that may be a place to start. Other factors to look into to make sure you are getting a top quality bioidentical estrogen cream include:
– All-Natural ingredients that are produced in an animal cruelty-free way
– Discrete packaging if you so desire
– Cost per dose – be careful of just comparing costs without looking at cost per dose – stronger formulas may be smaller but cheaper in the long run
– The feel on your skin – you may not want a formula that takes longer to absorb or feels greasy
– Shelf life may be important especially if you will be buying a lot or do not need a high dose.

Safety and Bioidentical Estrogen Cream

There are many precautions you should take before starting any bioidentical estrogen cream product. For example:

– If you are pregnant, nursing, or intend to become pregnant you should probably not take it, but you can consult with your doctor if you do want to.
– Do not use around you eyes
– Not only should you keep this product out of the reach of children, you should also make sure other adults know what it is so they don;t use it as a moisturizer.
– Even if you buy your bioidentical estrogen cream over the counter you should still check with your doctor before using it



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