Bioidentical progesterone cream is a popular choice for women pursuing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In choosing natural progesterone cream you want to make sure you know Bioidentical Progesterone Creamwhat ingredients are used, the potency you will get with each dose, and how many doses you will get for your money. This can be a little harder with a natural progesterone cream product than a supplement that can be more specifically counted.  Natural progesterone cream can help with all of the symptoms we cover in our section about bioidentical progesterone, such as Menopause, Estrogen Dominance, Premenstrual symptoms, some hormone related skin conditions, and sleep and appetite problems related to hormonal imbalances.

Bioidentical Progesterone Cream Overview

Many who are looking at the natural progesterone cream path wonder what exactly it is and how it works.  It’s actually quite simple.  Basically, Bioidentical progesterone cream is absorbed through the skin because it is made up of small molecules that are combined with natural ingredients that make it easy to be absorbed through the skin. In many cases this method of absorption is much more effective than taking either natural or synthetic hormones by mouth since the active ingredients get right into the bloodstream.  Many women will see positive changes within just a few days, though for some it can take weeks or even a few months.  It all depends on how deficient you are in the hormone and how easily your absorb the natural progesterone cream.

Bioidentical Progesterone Cream Ingredients

The ingredients in bioidentical progesterone cream are, or course, all natural.  Some examples of what you might see in the natural progesterone cream you choose include plant derived ingredients such as Burdock Root Extract, Chamomile Extract, Lecithin and more.  Your formula may have just one or perhaps a mix of these ingredients, and of course if you go the custom compounded route the mixture may be perfectly tailored to your needs and symptoms.  Aside from the active ingredients you may want to look for a formula that absorbs quickly and easily, and does not leave a residue so you will also find non-active ingredients designed to help you absorb the active ingredients.  This might include Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Evening Primrose Oil.  Make sure that the product you choose comes in a container that is airtight and keeps these active and inactive ingredients fresh.

Natural Progesterone Cream Choices

This section is meant for those who are looking into a natural progesterone cream product that will not be the result of prescription given by a medical practitioner.  In other words, we want to help you choose among the over-the-counter approaches if that is what you are choosing. You’ll still likely need to meet with a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy practitioner, but in his case you will pursue the product on your own.

First, you should choose a natural progesterone cream product that is labeled as USP.  What that means is that the formula has met certain quality standards as outlined by The US Pharmacopeia.  This means that certain standards were met as far as the ingredients and the manufacturing process for your chosen product.  This does not ensure that the cream will necessarily work – that the ingredients are the perfect ones for you to get the results you want – but you can be assured that it was made well and met these quality standards.  That is a great first step.

After you’ve made sure that the quality of the manufacturing process is solid, you now want to choose a reputable and experienced retailer who you can trust did everything right, from handling to storing to pricing your natural progesterone cream product.  This is no small task, since mishandling can affect how well the product works.  If you cannot find independent reviews of the actual product on-line, at least look for independent reviews of the store itself and places like large aggregate stores are one place to look for consumer feedback, as are forums.

Finally you need to look for the ingredients you want or need in your bioidentical progesterone cream.  This is where your BHRT professional needs to help you in either guiding you to a specific formula or at least telling you what ingredients you need.  Some examples are in the previous section, and each of those ingredients is known to be particularly good in certain circumstances, so you want to choose the one that is the best fit for you, or at least be sure that some thought is being put into the match between the formula and your particular complaints.

Using Bioidentical Progesterone Cream

As far as using Bioidentical progesterone cream, it is easily absorbed by the skin into the body so you can generally apply it almost anywhere, but you may want to switch where you use it every now and then to Natural Progesterone Creamavoid saturation.  And for the best results you may want to choose an area where your skin is relatively skin, such as your inner thighs or arms.  Make sure you massage the natural progesterone cream into your skin until it seems almost completely absorbed, and make sure you are doing all of this before you have applied other creams, lotions, or perfumes to your skin.  Your doctor will tell you exactly how often each day to apply the cream, and for how many days to do it.  She or he might also have you keep a journal of any improvements or side effects you feel along the way.

There may be timing issues as far as when you should use natural progesterone cream.  For example, perimenopausal Women may be asked to start at a certain time each month in relation to their menstrual flow.   Make sure the directions you get about your specific formula and course are specific, and ask questions about anything that is unclear.  You should note that if you are taking natural progesterone cream or almost any natural hormone supplement you should take calcium and magnesium supplements.  In addition, Bioidentical progesterone cream is usually not recommended for women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding.  Make sure your health care provider knows any medical issues you have and any medication you are taking.  You should also tell them about any natural supplements you take, and if you are on any special diet.

Natural Progesterone Cream FAQ

Q: Why is natural progesterone cream better than a pill of either synthetic or bioidentical hormones

Progesterone in the pill form is filtered through the liver, where a huge majority of the medicine is lost  of the dose is lost, while the cream version is absorbed through the skin with all of the ingredients absorbed.  This method of administration, therefore, can provide a much more focused dose and may work more quickly

Q: Are there alternatives to bioidentical progesterone cream?

There are some alternatives, other natural ingredients that may have some positive effects if you need more progesterone.  One example is Mexican Wild Yam.  We do not want to rule out these alternatives but we do not cover them here.  Our focus is on natural progesterone cream that mimics the progesterone you’ve lost.

Q: What does “USP” mean?

When you see “USP progesterone” on a label, the product has met the quality assurance standards and specifications outlined by The United States Pharmacopeia. The United States Pharmacopeia sets and maintains standards for medicines, drug substances, and dietary supplements.

Q: Are there contraindications I should be aware of?

The short answer is that if you are on any other medication or have any medical issues make sure to let your doctor know about everything.  And in particular if you have any condition that can affect hormones, or any medication (such as birth control) that might do the same, make sure she or he knows that.

Q: Will my doctor consider bioidenticals?

Some doctors either do not use bioidentical hormones in their practice, often because they rely on the synthetic hormones that they are more familiar with.  You may want to specifically ask questions about BHRT so that she or he can do some research or refer you to someone else.

Q: Does natural progesterone cream offer any other health benefits?

Many doctors and users of natural progesterone cream have found that Helps use fat for energy, diuretic, may reduce anxiety, helps with restful sleep, restores libido, stimulates new bone formation

Natural Progesterone Cream Summary

Natural progesterone cream can be a solution for many people because this method of administration is direct and can be quite effective.  Some people do not like taking pills, while others find that they respond better to creams that are absorbed through the skin.  And there are some ingredients that seem to work better with this type of administration.  One way or another this method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is gaining in popularity and there are more and more practitioners who can guide you if this is the route you choose.

Natural Fertility Info has 10 things you should know about natural estrogen cream, and WebMD has a lot of information about progesterone in general.

We will continue to update this page as we get more information and guidance on natural progesterone cream.  For now, best of luck if you decide that Bioidentical Progesterone Cream is for you!

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