Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Bioidentical hormone Pellets are a relatively new way to get a consistent and easy dose of natural hormones, and therefore Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy can be both extremely effective and convenient.  Hormone pellet therapy involves implants placed under the skin that will effectively and consistently release the dose of the bioidentical hormone that you need.  You don’t then have to worry about taking your pills, having a patch that people can see, or using a method that may not control the dose well enough.  Most traditional transdermal therapies can lead to fluctuations in the medicine that you receive, but bioidentical hormone pellet therapy does not lead to these types of fluctuations.  In addition, this method can last anywhere from three to six months.

We present information and advice about this BHRT approach on this page, but with the usual caveat that you need to get your own unique advice from your medical doctor and the practitioner who will be administering your BHRT.  Your unique reaction and potential for side effects need to be addressed by those who know you and have done your assessment.  Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is a powerful approach and may require more assessment and thought than other types of natural hormone replacement.  In addition, given that this procedure is a bit more complex than merely taking supplements or using creams, there are a few other factors that do need to be addressed.  All of that said, many people have had success with this approach, and if you do your homework and choose a qualified and experienced practitioner you may find that this is the approach that fits you best.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet therapy Approaches

The most commonly used bioidentical hormone pellets ingredients are estrogen and testosterone.  Your compounding pharmacy will make your pellets to the exact specification of what you need.  They are only about the size of a small grain of rice and are placed just under the skin.  The procedure is very much an outpatient process, easily performed and with minimal pain.  The insertion of the bioidentical hormone pellets is simple and mostly painless.  Usually they are inserted in the upper buttocks after a local anaesthesia is applied.  Some people may be wary of this approach that seems to give them less control than they’d have if they were putting on a removable patch or taking a pill, but actually that same control can lead to problems when people forget to take their dose, take the wrong amount, forget to take it on a trip, etc.

Bioidentical hormone pellets deliver consistent and steady levels of the target hormones for 3-5 months.  Research is very positive about their effects and lack of side effects when used properly, and they can be a successful approach even for those who have had difficulties with conventional BHRT approaches.  Of course bioidentical hormone pellets have all the advantages of other natural hormones in that the ingredients are pure and whole, and often things you have heard of.  Just because they are all wrapped up neatly in a small pellet does not mean they are any less natural of safe.  Your own formula will often be custom compounded, and the formula can change if after (or sometimes even during the treatment the doctor wants to change your dose or even the ingredients.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women

Most of the research into pellet therapy for women has revolved around menopausal symptoms, though we suspect that bioidentical hormone pellets therapy may be useful for other hormone related issues as well.  The types of symptoms that pellet therapy may be useful for include reduced bone density, sleep issues, low libido, and decreased anxiety and depression.  Of course some of these issues could be occurring independent of any hormonal changes,  you would still need a comprehensive assessment before you pursue this course of BHRT.  Implantation of bioidentical hormone pellets is simple and there is less pain than many imagine.  And of course this type of therapy eliminates the need to remind yourself to take a supplement or use a cream.  You will likely need your bioidentical hormone pellets reinserted about 2-3 times each year.

How long it takes to feel some relief from this form of BHRT is not easily predicted.  Some women feel better in as little as 48 hours, while for others it may take several weeks.  Your practitioner may be able to assess your unique condition and how long the therapy will take to work.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets for Men:

Men can also benefit from bioidentical hormone pellets, and of course the usual approach relates to testosterone loss in their late 30s through 50s.  The bioidentical hormone pellets can help with symptoms such as fatigue, low libido, and anxiety and depression.  Pellet Therapy for men provides a sustained release of natural testosterone that makes up for the fact that the body is not producing as much as it should.   And of course because we are discussion bioidentical pellets, men can be assured that the ingredients used are natural.  And similar to women, men may find it much more convenient not to have to worry about taking a supplement or using a cream, and with testosterone men may also find that the effects of pellet therapy are more steady and less up and down.

As with women it is not easy to predict exactly how long it will take bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to work, but men may feel better in as little as 48 hours as well.  The initial dose that is being used and whether it is conservative or more assertive will affect this timeline.  Also, some underlying imbalances naturally take time to resolve, and of course the severity of the imbalance will also determine how long it will take.  One way or another, however, you should feel some relief from symptoms gradually but noticeably.

Pellet Therapy and Side Effects

There is research behind the overall safety of bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, and it is currently widely used all over the world and has been around longer than many might realize.  Still, as with any medical treatment you could experience side effects from this approach, and the key is to stay in close contact with your doctor during your treatment so s/he can make adjustments as necessary.  The side effects for the active ingredients you may experience could be similar to the side effects of BHRT in general.  As far as the incision, it is unlikely that you will have any side effects and overall you could return to work or regular activities the same day as your procedure.  Basically there are few side effects not related to the active ingredients in the formula.  That said, before this or any form of BHRT make sure you get a full consultation that covers all possible side effects and interactions.  You may have a unique propensity for some sort of side effect for many factors so it is important that you go beyond the information here in that exploration.

Once again we want to mention that a true side effect profile for you should be something that your own practitioner, perhaps in conjunction with your primary care physician, can come up with.  The information here is general and your own unique history and sensitivities may dictate your unique reactions.


Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is a good solution for many people that allows you to get a steady dose of active ingredients over time without having to remember to take your supplements or apply cream, and without any loss of efficiency as the medication crosses certain bodily barriers.  Many may hesitate to have this kind of treatment because it feels a bit invasive, but the technology and the process have been perfected over time so the safety profile is quite solid.  That said, there are certainly other choices that are quite viable and effective, and what you could do is try something that feels a little less invasive at first so you trust the BHRT approach before having hormone pellet therapy.  The information on this page should help you get a start as you approach your doctor with questions and start to wonder about this form of BHRT, and you might also turn to various forums and other places where you can get additional feedback from those who have has this type of approach.  This external website has a good comprehensive look at BHRT with pellets.

We hope you will choose to share your own response to this form of natural hormone replacement in the comments section below.  We will also update this page as we get new information and when there are advances in the field.  You should also look at other websites, including those that take a stand either for or against this approach so you get a well-rounded approach.  Thank you for visiting our website and this particular page.  We will continue to update this page as new information comes in, and in the meantime best of luck if you choose Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy!

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