Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Natural testosterone replacement therapy is relatively easy and may work well for some men who want to try the natural testosterone booster route before looking into a prescription approach.  Some of the natural testosterone replacement therapy process involves supplements, while other means involve lifestyle changes.  Below we go over some of what is known as far as natural testosterone boosters, but as always we suggest that you see your doctor first since your symptoms and medical issues are unique.

Natural Testosterone Replacement Lifestyle

There are some behavioral changes you can try that may help you in ways that provide natural testosterone boosters, such as:

Get Enough Sleep and

A lack of sleep has a wide effect on hormones, and a chronic lack of sleep may affect your testosterone levels.

Maintain a Good Weight:

Gaining weight has the effect of robbing you of testosterone, so staying within a good weight can help you maintain your testosterone levels.  You may even experience a drop in this hormone if you lose too much weight so you should concentrate on staying within a good weight – ask your doctor what your healthy weight range is.

Get Exercise:

You want to set up a situation where your body feels that it actually needs a testosterone boost.  In other words, exercise is a great precursor to getting natural testosterone replacement while a lack of exercise serves to tell your body that you don’t really need any more of this hormone.  As always, start slow and get your physician’s advice first.

Manage Stress:

Stress has an interesting effect on testosterone, effectively distracting your body from making any new hormone while it works on building up your reserves of others such as cortisol.  In order to have a natural testosterone booster effect you need to be sure that your body is ready for the production of this important hormone and not distracted by your stress level.

Natural Testosterone Supplements

There are some supplements you can take that are natural testosterone boosters.  In most cases they may not work alone but can boost your other efforts.  These natural testosterone supplements are vitamins and minerals that have been said to provide a natural boost, but of course you should check with your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet in a large way.  We do not promote brand name formulas made from a combination of these and other ingredients, but instead can give you information and advice about the specific ingredients involved.  You may want to experiment with just one or two ingredients at first, since a drawback to formulas is that you may be taking a variety of natural testosterone supplements without really knowing which one(s) are working.  Here are some of the more studied and reported natural testosterone supplements:

saw palmetto

This nutrient is reported to have benefits related to low testosterone, so it may serve as a natural testosterone booster.  You need to make sure you are using a high quality saw palmetto supplement however, since there is great variation in different brands.


Zinc plays an important role in testosterone production and whether or not you are looking for natural testosterone boosters you may not be getting enough.  Almost 50% of older adults do not get enough of this mineral.  Then again, do not overdo it with Zinc – take the recommended dose and not any more and you may feel the effects.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential part of many natural testosterone supplements yet many people are deficient in this vitamin due to diet, especially in the wintertime when they do not get enough of the natural metabolism that happens with sun exposure.  Vitamin D has more wide-ranging benefits beyond being one of our testosterone boosters.  c

Dietary Factors that Become Natural Testosterone Boosters

You need to stay as lean as possible in order to maximize the chances that any natural testosterone replacement process will work.  In fact, for some men losing weight alone becomes one of the best natural testosterone boosters possible.  The best way to do this is to limit calorie intake of course, but as men get older exercise becomes an important factor.  Some hints include limiting processed sugar, eating as many complex carbohydrates as possible, eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, and lowering portions.   There are many excellent diets out there and one way or another losing weight becomes key.  Here are some other factors:

Consider organic meat

We get certain toxins from the way meat (and in some cases dairy) is farmed and produced.  For one reason or another this may be particularly true if you prefer meat with higher levels of fat, or dairy that has high fat content.  In these cases you may lower your exposure to these toxins by choosing organic and grass-fed pastured animals.  Interestingly, some would say that you do want to eat some saturated and monounsaturated fat in order to preserve testosterone levels

Keep your Glucose level steady

Constant spikes in your blood glucose level and the effect of that on raising blood sugar has been found to drop testosterone levels.  Eating whole grain carbs will help prevent these types of spikes, as will cutting back a little on your total carbohydrate intake.  This goes for pasta, bread, breakfast cereal, etc.


The information and advice above may be helpful if your issue is relatively mild or comes and goes, or if you are also doing other things and want a boost.  There is other information about natural testosterone boosters out there, for example Medline provides more information about naturally boosting testosterone.   We hope that these hints and ideas are helpful as far as Natural Testosterone Replacement

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