Beyond Bioidenticals: Natural Ways to Balance Hormones

There are natural ways to balance hormones that may have the same effect as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for some people.  These natural ways to balance hormones are usually most effective for hormonal changes that are milder, nor progressive, and involve a mix of hormonal needs rather than just one.  For example, if a woman is losing estrogen as she ages, which is obviously progressive and just one hormone, one of the natural ways the regulate hormones is unlikely to work.  However, if she is feeling increasingly depressed due a more specific and time-limited change in hormonal balances, there may be a supplement for that.

With the caution we use constantly at this site, that people who experience sudden or unexplained medical symptoms should get checked out medically first, we do want to offer some natural ways to balance hormones alternatives for people experiencing problems that may be due to hormone changes. We will present certain vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that have been known to reduce these symptoms in otherwise healthy adults.

Should You Pursue Natural Ways to Balance Hormones

A common and quite obvious question is whether these natural ways to balance hormones can or even should be used adjunctively to real bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  The answer to this question is complicated.  These supplements may help speed the process of BHRT working, but on the other hand any time you do two different things to address medical symptoms you take the risk of not knowing which one is actually working.  Thus our bottom line recommendation is that depending on the severity of your symptoms you try either regular bioidentical hormone replacement first, or a natural ways to regulate hormones first, and only add the other approach after you get familiar with the effects of the first treatment.

Food is one of the Natural Ways to Regulate Hormones

One of the easier steps some people can take for the same positive effects of natural hormone replacement, and these involve changes in your diet. The specific steps that may help include:

Eat More “Good” Fats and fewer “Bad”:

Beware the low-fat diet. You actually need fats for hormonal balance, and people who cut out fats completely not only cut out the bad fats but the good ones as well. Hormones are made out of fatty cholesterol. You simply cannot have a healthy amount of hormones if you cut out cholesterol. How can you tell a good fat from a bad fat? It;s actually quite simple: Those that have been around forever and come from natural sources are often good, and synthetic fats that are human-made are often bad. So for example:

Good fats: butter, cream, and whole milk; coconut, palm, and olive oil, and egg yolk.

Bad fats: Vegetable, soy bean, and cottonseed oil plus anything that uses “hydrogenated” oils.

So if you are trying to lose weight, just cut out the bad oils and have at least a little of the good, and if you are fine with your current diet, replacing equal amounts of good for bad may be the right choice.  This is one of the easiest of the natural ways to balance hormones through diet.

Eat Foods with the Right Minerals

Another diet paradox: Whole grains are better for you that complex carbohydrates, but the problem is that some whole grain foods deplete you of certain minerals. As far as which foods to eat in order to target their mineral content, you may have to ask a dietician to get a specific regimen, but for example a deficiency in the mineral zinc leaves us unable to produce enough testosterone. Look for a well-rounded diet that contains a variety of minerals, and take a supplement if need be as a way to potentially naturally regulate hormones.

Reduce or Even Quit Caffeine

Caffeine’s effect on our hormones may not be a direct way to naturally balance hormones, but at the very least it can magnify or even produce some if the symptoms people get when they are hormone deficient, including an unstable mood. One cup of coffee to get you going in the morning will have no effect on your hormone balance, but if you are sipping caffeine all day long you may be magnifying or even mimicking the symptoms of hormone issues. Caffeine may also interfere with the proper absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, and secondarily the stress it can cause can do the same.

Eat some things only organically

We often hear about how the steroids and antibiotics in milk and milk products are bad for growing children. But most people do not realize that these same ingredients, whether in milk, cottage cheese, or ice cream can affect others as well. In this case, the additives, with the most common example being the hormone BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) that makes cows grow and produce more milk, affect women’s hormones. We do not go as far as to say that you need to eat entirely organic foods, but for the sake of hormone balance you should certainly eat organic milk products.

These are just a few tips to change your diet and approach to food if you are looking for natural ways to regulate hormones and avoid the need for bioidentical hormone replacement, or perhaps at least lessen the number or amount of bioidenticals needed. These food approaches will also leave you generally healthier as well.


Our exploration of natural ways to balance hormones will be updated all the time as we find new approaches.  We will include supplements, dietary changes, and other methods with the goal of showing an alternative to BHRT that may work for some people with milder symptoms to start out.  Our goal here, since we have no stake in your choice and therefore can remain completely independent and unbiased, is to provide the whole range of natural ways to regulate hormones.

Best of luck and we hope you will come back and share with us and our visitors if you do pursue and form of natural ways to balance hormones!

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    I feel like I’m 90 everything hurts, I’m depresed, can’t sleep well, have the sweats, name it I have it. But I would like to get tested by a Dr. that would prescribe the bioidentical homones but all the ones I’ve contacted are very expensive and I don’t have insurance. can you sugest of any Dr. that is less expensive. I live in Miami, Florida. I would really appreciated if you could help me I’m desperate.
    Thank you, my name is Iris 786-314-2559


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