Where to get bioidentical hormones?  This question may not be as easy as it sounds, given how many choices you will face.  In this post we go over not only where to get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, but also how to make sure you have made the right choice.

Where to Get Bioidentical Hormones, Initial Choices

A common question that many people ask is what they should consider first when it comes to where to get bioidentical hormones, given that the full medical approach is often not necessary because food approaches or natural supplements may do the trick.  So how to answer the question about what bioidentical hormone replacement approach fits for each unique situation?  The basic guidelines are as follows:

1. For mild problems that do not interfere much with day-to-day functioning at home or at work, and are more of a nuisance that you see growing in strength over time, a diet change that puts more helpful ingredients into your system may be enough to start, or at least enough of a bioidentical-like approach to start.

2. For more moderate symptoms that have come on gradually but are a bit more of a problem, but still do not make you unable to fully get through your work day or home life at close to your full potential, the answer to where to get bioidentical hormones is that you can turn to over the counter approaches such as supplements.

3. For purely external symptoms of hormonal issues, especially external symptoms that are not yet severe, the answer to where to get bioidentical hormones may still be over the counter, and you may want to try some bioidentical ointments and creams first, before seeing a bioidentical doctor.

4. For more moderate to severe symptoms, or for those that seem to be rapidly worsening, the answer may be full bioidentical hormone approach by a full practitioner.  But of course in these cases you should first be consulting with your primary care doctor to be sure nothing more serious is going on.

The question of where to get bioidentical hormones is complicated, as you can see, since the symptoms you have may be unique, as is the progression and how quickly you want or need things resolved.  The above should provide a general guide that can help your initial choice.

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Where to Get Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If we assume that you are in the moderate to severe symptom stage we describe above, you have decided on full BHRT.  BHRT is a natural alternative to harsher and less flexible synthetic hormone replacement.  As you choose where to get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy you want to find a qualified and expert BHRT practitioner will take a measured approach to your treatment.  He or she should not be in a huge rush to make you better, and instead should try to find the very best combination of ingredients to solve what is ailing you.  As such, you may not get relief the very first time you get this natural hormone treatment.  Your practitioner is not throwing the kitchen sink at the problem in order to minimize side effects and risk, and to be sure that you do not get a higher amount and more chemicals (even if they are natural) than you need.

Given the above, it is important not to give up too early after you have chosen where to get bioidentical hormones.  Too many people do just that, concerned that after the first pass they are not completely free of symptoms and ailments and they look for another practitioner.  They are not being patient with their BHRT practitioner who is merely trying to be diligent and safe.  In fact, given the bad press that BHRT received in its early years, there is no surprise that natural hormone replacement professionals are being extra careful now.

So, as the headline suggests, we feel you should not give up after you have chosen where to get bioidentical hormones after one or two courses of natural hormone replacement, especially if you get a small effect that may not be quite as large as the one you desired.  Stay with it and see if in the end you will be happy to have chosen this natural approach to your hormone replacement needs, even if the results came at a measured pace at first.  If you need a quick fix it may be that your medical issue is more severe than bioidenticals can fix anyway.

When to Change Your Therapy or Doctor

In our previous section we went over the fact that you cannot rush after you have chosen where to get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – you have to give your practitioner time to be sure she or he gets your mix of BHRT hormones correct.  Of course we also want to offer a caution here: At some point you need to give up on either the practitioner or the therapy and consider that you may need another approach.  Perhaps something unrelated to hormones or incurable by BHRT or even conventional hormone replacement is going on.

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There are too many reports out there of bioidentical hormone replacement failing or somehow making things worse.  Our opinion is that this has more to do with excited practitioners overreaching with BHRT – becoming so enthralled with the potential of BHRT that they feel it can do too much and in too many circumstances.  The end result is that they stick with this form of treatment too long, and/or they claim that it can do too much.  Now in many cases this tendency may come from a perfectly good place, and many of these practitioners may be merely reacting to their own experience of the power and potential of bioidenticals.  However, they are not a cure-all and the smart practitioner will temper expectations.

So our advice to you as a potential patient is to be conservative with your estimates of what this therapy will do, and cautious when evaluating your progress.  Make sure any benefits you are seeing are real and lasting, and if you have any doubts make sure to see your regular primary care physician.  You can be excited about natural hormone replacement without overdoing it, and while still being cautious and meticulous about whether it is working.  Hopefully it will be obvious one way or another, but come to your own independent conclusion and possibly reconsider whether to get this therapy at all, or when to change your thinking about where to get Bioidentical Hormones.

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